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We are a team of British educational consultants dedicated to assisting Indian students find their ideal UK University. We offices based in India and the UK , we are in an ideal position to assist with the process of moving from India to Great Britain. We understand that the flight from India to the UK is only the beginning of the educational journey Indian students will embark on.

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Studying abroad in the UK has become a very popular option for many Indian students over the past few years. Our services have been adapted so that we can assist the most confident students who may have visited the UK before and are fluent in the English language, to students that need special assistance on each step of the process.

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Our advisors are uniquely trained so that Indian students, or even their parents, that are considering studying in the UK will be given the information they need in advance of making any decisions – including staying in India!

Now that the visa requirements for Indian students wanting to study in Great Britain have changed, we can provide updated guidance on the process, document and reference collection.

Why use Apply for University.in ?

afu.in are here to guide you through every step of the way.

Since we focus on Indian students that wish to study in the United Kingdom only, we can provide a uniquely tailored service to our clients. Our educational consultants have a very high success rates for UK university admissions as well as visa applications from India.

For this reason we are trusted by any Foundation, University and training courses providers in the UK who have appointed us to prepare your application for their institution.

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Your academic career begins with the choosing a course. This can sometimes be a daunting process. We have a dedicated team of professionals who will help you find the right fit for you and get you started on the application procedure.

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We are a trusted UK university partner, specialising in Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Oxbridge, Medicine and PhD applications. Arrange your free consultation with our British Council trained consultants today.