Why should an Indian student consider studying in the UK?

Studying in the UK has been a very popular option for Indian students for quite some time.

Many thousands of Indians study in the UK each year, making studying in the UK the number two choice, second only to the USA.

The UK has become a very appealing option since bring in the PSWV process, allowing Indian students to remain and work the UK after completing their degree course. Government relations between India and the United Kingdom are now stronger than ever and this is likely to increase following Brexit, since the UK is more reliant on the skills that Indian candidates can bring to the UK workforce.

  • There are over 395 universities and colleges that offer under and postgraduate-level higher education courses in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Island.
  • UK higher education applications are made through UCAS or directly to the university.
  • UK universities are among the best in the world, and consistently perform well in world rankings. They also have a reputation for world-class research.
  • UK university degrees and qualifications are recognised worldwide, including Visa authorities.

About The UK

Learn about the origins of the United Kingdom, a country rich in history and culture and find out how the country we know today was formed over many years through the union of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

UK Education System

Recognized around the world as a world class system, the UK’s education system is comprehensive and adaptable. This section also has vital information on how to enter programs in the UK such as GCSE, A-Levels and degree programs.

Studying/Living In The UK

What is it like to live in the UK? What is the climate like? What is the public transport system like? All these questions about the UK are answered and more, with a focus on the information that international students need most.

After Graduation

Every student has different aims and objectives, so contact us to discover what opportunities in the UK await you.

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