Why should an Indian student use us to apply for university in the UK?

Our service system from universal access to an extensive network of universities and training centres in the UK. Their feedback combined with feedback from Indian applicants as well as existing Indian students are British universities helps us regularly optimise our advice to new applicants.

We cover all types of study in the UK:

English Language Schools

Indian applicants not quite ready for university may need to improve level of English, this is often best achieved at a suitable language school in the UK.

IELTS tests and prep

University candidates from India may already have suitable skills in English Language. This will need to be certified by doing the appropriate English language test prior to, or during, university the application process.

Foundation and pre-master courses

For students who may need courses before starting or after completing initial university course.

Undergraduate courses in the UK

The Indian High school system usually allows for direct admission to most undergraduate university courses in the UK.

Postgraduate courses in the UK

This has become and increasingly popular option for Indian students, especially since the introduction of the Post Study Work Visa (PSWV) for the UK.

Training and online courses

Post-covid, this has no doubt become a very viable option for option Indian students, who may not even need to leave their home in India as well as save a significant cost and time in the process.

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